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Email Marketing Tips


Email Marketing Tips

As I sit here writing this post, I currently have 324 unread emails in my inbox.

It’s not because I’m too rude or down-right lazy to reply to people but because none of them are actually from a ‘person’ as such.

From ASOS to E-Consultancy with a few non-familiar names and suspect headers in-between (I swear I’ve never opted in to receive updates about Khloe Kardashian’s latest favourite nail colour?), I’m more than likely to ‘select all and delete’ than read though each and every one, with the interest and time it deserves, let alone clicking on those all-so-important Call To Actions and converting into a genuine lead or ultimately a sale.

As a Marketing Consultancy who provide email marketing as a service, typing the above paragraph destroys my soul slightly. Someone, somewhere, whether it be a business owner, an in-house marketing manager or an agency on behalf of a client has dedicated their time and effort (more than likely on a tight deadline) to create each and every one of those un-read 324 emails.

From brainstorming a catchy email header to writing engaging content to creating visually stunning imagery, these emails are a clever yet totally under-rated and ignored pieces of design in themselves.

On average, an office worker will receive 121 emails per day. So how on earth do you entice them to open your impersonal and mass-mailed-marketing E-shot… and then convert them to an aforementioned and oh so important lead or sale?

While nobody can guarantee a 100% open or conversion rate straight away, we can offer our tips for improving your click through rate and increasing your leads and sales…

Master Your Subject line
Keep it direct and simple so your recipient knows what they’re opening. No-one has time to decipher ‘clever’ riddles or rhymes. If they don’t understand your subject header they’re likely to delete your email than open it.

Choose enticing rather than salesy words for your subject line. People are far more likely to open your email if they think it’s going to benefit them, rather than sell to them in some way. Use phrases like Save or Learn rather than Freebie or Percent Off.


Lead with Beautiful Creative
Let your imagery do the talking.  If you’re selling a product people want to see it rather than read lines and lines and lines about the history of its manufacturing. Choose 3-4 descriptive words to highlight your products features and benefits. Save the wordy product description for your website or landing page. Your email is an introduction with a call to action to find out more.


Get to the point, Quickly
Keep your written content to a minimum. Certainly, add a short introduction to make your message clear and concise but get to the point in the first or at the most the second sentence. And opt for bullet points to summarise an otherwise lengthy paragraph.

Speak in your recipient’s language
Ditch the corporate speak. Your customer or client is a human, not a robot and don’t assume they’re going to understand your business terms or acronyms. Keep it simple, open and friendly.

Make it topical
Two great British events about to happen are Glastonbury and Wimbledon.  Make your email campaigns current to popular events that are going on.  Once your customer realises you have a shared interest for music for passion for the same sports you’re closer to ‘getting on to their wavelength’ and building that all-important consumer relationship. It’s much more personal and will encourage interaction.

Get personal
Addressing your recipient personally will create an experience of familiarity and again so important to building a relationship, increasing engagement and maintain customer retention.

Call to action
Your CTA is the most fundamental part of your email so make this prominent and irresistibly clickable! Once clicked through, make sure you test the process of signing up, downloading, finding out more or purchasing to ensure it’s as quick and easy as possible.

Need some help with your email marketing? Find out more about our services here or call us on 07500 849 715.

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